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I love food – this is obvious by both my consistently expanding waistline, and the way I go out of my way to experience a new, and potentially delicious, meal.  I’ve thought for years to document the different foods I have tried, to formulate a diary of sorts, with hopes of remembering those dishes that I would hate to forget, and those I would like to.

My culinary adventures have taken me around the world, finding myself booking holidays around restaurants I wanted to try.  My lovely wife has been a great sport, accompanying me in these quests, even though she is far more conservative in her dining choices than I – she is a truffle fanatic, and would gladly experiment with adding truffle, or a derivative, in ANYTHING she can put together (truffle scented nihari – not so great!).  My son, I am convinced, is a bonafide gourmand at the age of 6 – though, unfortunately, he has a seafood allergy, which prevents him for enjoying some of my favourite ingredients, but we try to overcompensate with the things he can enjoy – the list of which seems to grow daily!

I am always looking for recommendations of what/where to head to next – location is not an obstacle – I am happy to add any place to my gastronomic bucket list, so please feel free to throw any ideas my way.

Thanks for taking the time to read my thoughts – I appreciate any feedback.



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